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Why Study at TU Dublin

By studying at TU Dublin, you'll see a world of opportunity open up in front of you.

By combining small teaching groups, great courses and experienced teaching staff along with our city centre location, you will soon see why TU Dublin is the best place you can go to college.

And it’s about much more than study and subjects. At TU Dublin, you’ll get the complete third-level experience and it will equip you with the skills and ambition to fuel your working life and career in the years ahead. 

More Prospects

Industry placements and a focus on practice mean that career opportunities will open wide for you the moment you walk through our door. A Tu Dublin degree gets you ready for work and will give you an edge on graduates from other colleges.

More Time

Smaller teaching groups and class sizes ensure you get a more focused learning experience at TU Dublin. Our academics work closely with you, ensuring you get a complete appreciation of your course and subjects.

More Living

A friendly campus made up of 20,000 students from every part of the world and all backgrounds makes for an exciting and fun place to learn and live life. From sports clubs to cultural events, our Tu Dublin community has it all.

More Expertise

With an experienced staff of skilled lecturers and tutors, you’ll get a deep understanding of your course and subjects. And you’ll find out how to apply your education to real-life working environments, beyond the lecture theatre.