Equality and Diversity

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

TU Dublin aims to be inclusive in all aspects of the work of the University and to create a welcoming atmosphere in which to work and study. 

To make this a reality for students and staff, Director of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, Professor Yvonne Galligan leads a university-wide approach to strategic policy development.  Policies such as staff recruitment and academic promotion; staff development opportunities and post-doctoral training; and quality assurance procedures have been reviewed and updated to support best practice and to take full account of the University’s responsibility and commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion. 

An inclusive approach to student recruitment is an integral part of TU Dublin and therefore it is imperative that policy and practice supports a diverse student body, providing developmental opportunities and services to enable students to learn and thrive.

Athena SWAN and other equality and diversity external accreditations are important measures and the University monitors agreed targets and reports regularly on progress, ensuring that there is a TU Dublin-wide focus for interdisciplinary research on equality, diversity and inclusion.

Equality Statement

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TU Dublin is committed to equality, diversity and inclusion for students and staff in every area of the University's work. This commitment requires a continuing evaluation of our organisational culture, policies and procedures, and how these relate to the student experience, and to academic fulfilment and career progression of colleagues.

TU Dublin Equality Statement (2019-2022)

Strategic Plan

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