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Enterprise Hub

In today's global environment, the successful creation and transfer of knowledge is an increasingly fundamental element for businesses pursuing real competitive advantage. TU Dublin has a strong commitment to the development and support of the knowledge economy and a proactive approach to building successful links with industry.  

Innovation is fundamental to maintaining a competitive edge in industry but sometimes time and financial contraints can prevent you from developing innovative ideas that could become an important source of revenue in the future. We can help you source funding opportunities, new technologies, and expertise and can even help you find ways to fund new staff to work on your research and development projects. 

TU Dublin is committed to advancing basic, applied and commercially-viable research. With over 850 full-time academics and an extensive range of facilities TU Dublin can offer industry an efficient and effective means of developing ideas into tangible and socially beneficial projects.

We are interested in working with companies and organisations interested in accessing national and European funding programmes; being partners on research and innovation projects; hosting staff and students who will work on projects that benefit your business or organisation; and accessing state of the art research facilities and resources. 

For more information: Email [email protected]