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The Arnold F. Graves Scholars Programme

The Arnold F. Graves Scholars Programme provides an exciting opportunity for doctoral candidates to join a prestigious scheme for postdoctoral studies in leading edge research.

Highly motivated researchers can sieze the opportunity to carry out novel and innovative research in nationally and internationally relevant research.

Arnold F. Graves was considered to be the father of Irish Technical Education and was instrumental in establishing the Technical School in Kevin Street, which is now TU Dublin, Kevin Street.

Building on this reputation of excellence, Arnold F. Graves Scholars are expected to participate fully in the academic life of the University, to contribute to the development of research in TU Dublin's designated centre or institute and participate in postgraduate research seminars, evaluations and supervision. They also undertake a Postgraduate Diploma in Research Management. Doctoral degree holders who are leading authors in their field and have taken part in important innovations or new developments in that field should preferably apply to the scheme. Applicants will have experience in supervision of postgraduate researchers.

Arnold F. Graves Scholars may receive a tax-free bursary of between €21,000 - €35,000 per annum and opportunities for funding will be advertised here when they arise. 

Scheme Conditions and Application Procedures

Each scholar will be attached to a centre or research institute and registered in an academic school under a supervisor who is an expert in the chosen discipline.

Scholarships will only be tenable at Technological University Dublin. All scholarships will be advertised and open to competition. Applications are accepted from doctoral degree holders and all applicants will be interviewed. The interview panel will be chaired by the relevant College Director or nominee and will include one external specialist at the appropriate level and experience and the supervisor. Applicants will be assessed and ranked based on the following criteria:

  • Quality of the Applicant 40%
  • Quality of the Personal Statement 40%
  • Disseminations Plans and Impact 20%

The selected candidates will sign a contract outlining the conditions of the scholarship. They will be appointed for a maximum period of three years and at all times the scholarship will be subject to the availability of funds. All scholars will be registered as full-time students at Technological University Dublin on a Postgraduate Diploma in Research Management and will not be entitled to the benefits applicable to TU Dublin staff members.

Scholars will be expected to participate fully in the academic life of the Institute and to participate in postgraduate research seminars, evaluations and supervision.

Interested candidates should submit an here...