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Dr Brendan Jennings, Vice President, Research and Innovation

Dr John Donovan, Head of Research

Dr Sandra Fisher, Co-ordinator - Researcher Development (Postdoctoral & Early Career Researcher Support)

Professor Hugh J.Byrne, Head of FOCAS Research Institute

Professor John D. Kelleher, Academic Leader, Information, Communications and Entertainment Institute (ICE).

Dr Jesus Maria Frias Celayeta, Academic Leader Environmental Sustainability and Health Institute (ESHI)

Eidin Finlay, Executive Assistant to the Director


Jean Cahill, Head of Enterprise & Research Support

Dr Paul Hynds, Strategic Research Proposal Co-ordinator

Dr Oluwasegun Seriki, Strategic Research Proposal Co-ordinator

Phyllis Prendergast, Administrator

Anna O'Brien, Administrator

Catherine Woodhouse, Administrator


Aideen O'Byrne, Post Awards Management Officer

Kristine O'Brien, Administrator

Daphne Mulvey, Administrator