Waleed Abo Hamad

[email protected]


Senior Lecturer I Teach, Management

Nissreen Abu Ghannam

[email protected]


Senior Lecturer I Teach, Food Science And Environmental Health

Phil Adams

[email protected]


Technical Officer, Information Services

Deirdre Adamson

[email protected]


Practice Nurse, Campus Life

Gabriela Mihaela Afrasinei

[email protected]


Assistant Lecturer, Surveying And Construction

Colm Agnew

[email protected]


Lecturer, Electrical And Electronic Engineering

Scott Ahearn

[email protected]


Administrative Officer, Campus Life

Ciara Ahern

[email protected]


Senior Lecturer I Teach, Mechanical And Design Engineering

Michael Ahern

[email protected]


D401 - External Services Administration

Lubna Ahmed

[email protected]


Research Assistant, Food Science And Environmental Health

Tolayo Akinlabi

[email protected]


Societies Development Officer, Campus Life

Eren Aktas

[email protected]


Research Fellow, Computer Science

Ali Malik Jaber Al Bdairi

[email protected]


Post Doc Researcher, Electrical And Electronic Engineering

Peter Alexander

[email protected]


Lecturer, Informatics

Abubakar Ali

[email protected]


Assistant Lecturer, Management

Sajad Alimohammadi

[email protected]


Lecturer, Mechanical And Design Engineering

Cormac Allen

[email protected]


Senior Lecturer II, Dublin School Of Architecture

Declan J Allen

[email protected]


Assistant Head of School, Management

Tonya Allen

[email protected]


Lecturer, Sports Management

Ceri Almrott

[email protected]


Assistant Lecturer, Mechanical And Design Engineering